October 3, 2009 -- The Fourteenth Annual Supreme Court Review Conference

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On October 3, 2009, Western New England College School of Law's Institute for Legislative and Governmental Affairs hosted the fourteenth annual Supreme Court Review Conference. After introductions by Professor Arthur Wolf and Dean Arthur Gaudio, Professor Leora Harpaz spoke on "Justice Souter Signs Off, Monuments, and Confessions"; Professor Erin Buzuvis spoke on "Employment Discrimnation and Voting Rights: Supreme Court Rulings Narrow Statutory Protection Against Race Discrimination But Leave Constitution Intact"; Professor Arthur Leavens spoke on "Is Everybody (Anybody) Happy? Ratcheting Up Protection Against Car Searches and the Right to Confrontation, But Loosening Up the Exclusionary Rule and the Right to Counsel"; and Professor Bruce Miller spoke on "How the Obvious Has Become Implausible: Notice Pleading Becomes the Latest Casualty in the War on Terror." The conference concluded with a panel discussion.