Sarah Waring


During the Western New England Law Review’s October 2019 symposium on Anthropocenic Disruption, Community Resilience and Law, Sarah Waring, the Vice President for Grants and Community Investments at the Vermont Community Foundation, gave a presentation on local place-based food systems and the powerful impact they have in combating the anthropocenic disruption we face at-large. Community is complicated. And yet, the ability to self-organization and innovate relies to a large extent on the relational strength of the community. Working within a small rural region, and focusing on place-based food systems, the growing importance of relational strength within community is evident. From community organizing and educational transformation, to business development and growth, all components of human life are present in a food system. This presentation focuses on examples drawn from small-town northern Vermont, illustrating how relational interactions can build a system which can counteract the symptoms of global economic realities.