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This Article evaluates enforcement practices and compliance trends related to Title IX's requirement for gender equity in the distribution of athletic financial aid. It confirms that universities in the most competitive athletic programs continue to underfund women's athletic scholarships relative to the proportionality standard required by law. It also confirms that the under-allocation of women's athletic opportunities at universities across divisions results in additional disparities in scholarship funding that is not captured by an analysis of compliance. This Article concludes with suggestions that the government clarifies its expectations and enforcement priorities. It further calls for regulators, scholars, and advocates to monitor disparities in athletic financial aid and to ensure that these existing disparities are not replicated as universities expand the scope of economic benefits that students receive because of their participation in college athletics.

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Erin Buzuvis, Athletic Scholarships and Title IX: Compliance Trends and Context, 16 J. INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORT 74 (2023).