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Paint Nite activities and adult coloring have captured the nation’s interest and gone mainstream. Creating something on our own is what drives similar trends like the popular Do It Yourself movement and the resurgence of knitting after 9/11. At the same time, these fun, creative activities can provide us with a window into the process of legal writing. Using Paint Nite as a reference point throughout a legal writing course allows faculty to present a holistic view of the writing process and provides a useful analogy for faculty as well as an accessible context for students. Legal writing instructors share many techniques learned through their own writing experience to help inform the novice writer. Useful tips and empathy with beginning legal writers are also found in many of our other life experiences as well, even Paint Nites.


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Beth D. Cohen and Pat Newcombe, What Legal Writers Can Learn from Paint Nite, 25 PERSPECTIVES: TEACHING LEGAL RES. & WRITING 35 (2016).