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The aim of this Article is to assist the efforts of inclusion of transgender athletes by helping decision-makers in scholastic athletics and youth sports understand why and how to create inclusive policies. These decision-makers include leaders and stakeholders in local, state, and national sport organizations.

This Article begins with an overview of policies already adopted by interscholastic athletic associations and sport governing bodies that regulate youth sport programs. It critiques policies that categorically exclude and otherwise impose limitations on transgender persons who seek to participate in sports in a manner consistent with their gender identities (what this Article will refer to as “gender-consonant participation"). The Article then suggests ways to maximize inclusivity and concludes with a model policy that seeks to implement the suggestions.

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Erin Buzuvis, "As Who They Really Are": Expanding Opportunities for Transgender Athletes to Participate in Youth and Scholastic Sports, 34 L. & INEQ. 341 (2016).