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While college athletics attract thousands of participants and millions of fans each year, examination of United States college athletics reveals a pattern of inequality, discrimination and abuse, which operates to foreclose women's access and suppress women's interest in athletic participation and leadership. This Chapter examines three gender related issues of integrity in college athletics: gender discrimination in athletic participation and opportunity; barriers to leadership for women coaches and administrators; and the relationship between athletics and sexual violence at college and universities. The Chapter also identifies a number of remedies that can mitigate these problems involving the Department of Education, Congress, the NCAA, colleges and universities, and the public in general, including fans, alumni, students and parents.

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Erin Buzuvis & Kristine Newhall, Inequality, Discrimination and Sexual Violence in US Collegiate Sports, in GLOBAL CORRUPTION REPORT: SPORT (Gareth Sweeney & Kelly McCarthy, eds., 2016).