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The eight articles in this Symposium issue reflect the divergent topics that Ivan Illich managed to reflect upon in his life’s works. The topics include discussion of prisons, education, family law structures, privatization of welfare services and its impact on labor consciousness, media, and the rule of law.

The Symposium was a daylong conference of ideas that invited the engagement of those who joined. The students of Illich and students of students of Illich shared with those of us who had not studied at his side, his passion for ideas, his insights, and his invitation for anyone with or without formal education and training to challenge the existing social structures that diminish the sense of agency each of us have within it. The Symposium began as a day focused on the works of Illich. It ended up being one that celebrated Ivan. For those of us whose only introduction to him was his books and the critiques of his life work, it was eye opening to engage with those who studied with him and traveled with him on his life’s journey. Hopefully, this Symposium Issue gives some glimpse into the magic of that day.

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34 W. New. Eng. L. Rev. 341 (2012)

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