The Document Package Exam, in TECHNIQUES FOR TEACHING LAW 2

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This book is designed for legal educators who want to improve their teaching and their students' learning. The first chapter presents foundational principles of learning and instruction as well as insights from students. The remaining twelve chapters address topics such as classroom dynamics, technology, questioning, discussion, collaborative learning, experiential learning, feedback, assessment, and continued development for teachers. Each of these chapters starts with an introduction summarizing the basic ideas that underlie the topic and follows with classroom-tested exercises, approaches, material, ideas and insights from veteran teachers.

Eric Gouvin has written a section of this book on "The Document Package Exam" in the chapter on "Summative Assessment - Evaluating and Grading Students" (Chapter 12). He describes using a take-home exam that involves students mastering a document package composed of corporate articles of incorporation, bylaws, SEC filings, a Standard & Poor's Company report, financial statements, and a trust indenture. He gives students about two weeks to review the documents and to ask questions. On the last day of class the students are given the exam, which consists of additional facts that supplements previously distributed material. Most often, the students are not able to answer the questions fully without using some data from every included document - including the financial statements. Students have reacted favorably to this method of testing.

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The Document Package Exam, in TECHNIQUES FOR TEACHING LAW 2 299-301 (Gerald F. Hess et. al. eds., 2011)